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The Betway Kenya mobile app is supported by most mobile devices currently available

As time goes by the smartphones and tablets available in the market become more and more powerful, with higher resources that allow them to run more demanding apps. At the same time, developers take advantage of those improvements and make games and software with better graphics and more features.

However, not all mobile apps follow that trend. Some companies do not really need the largest or the most capable mobile device available in the market in order to make their software work. These companies try to focus in efficiency instead, trying to reach as many people as possible making their programs as compatible as possible.

This is exactly what happens with the Betway mobile app. It hasn’t been designed to work only in top of the line gadgets, the philosophy behind its development has been to reach as many customers as possible. This has been done by making it light and efficient. This means that it can work in a smooth way and with an attractive and functional interface without destroying phones and tablets in the process.

This article will review how to install the latest version of the Betway app in mobile devices running iOS and Android, which can be installed for completely free, and also review some system requirements and features currently offered to their customers.

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How to Betway app download in Android smartphones

Despite multiple requests made by the bookmaker to Google, the gambling portal Betway has still been unsuccessful in turning around the internet giant and managing to put their official app in the Play Store, which is by far the largest application market out there.

However, this doesn’t mean that the bookmaker’s software can not be installed. On the contrary, it is perfectly possible to obtain the Betway apk and execute it to install the program in most of the devices running Android available nowadays.

The process of Betway app download in Android tablets and smartphones is very simple despite not being available in the official application stores. This can be done by performing the following actions:

  1. Open any mobile web browser in the device where it is wanted to Betway app download
  2. Visit the Betway website
  3. Scroll down until the downloads button is found. Tap it
  4. Touch over the selected Betway apk for starting its download
  5. Execute the recently downloaded file to begin the installation process Let’s pause here for a moment, because it is likely that most users will encounter an error which indicate that it is not allowed to install any application that didn’t come from an official source (such as Google Play). Despite how intimidating this error may look to some users, it is completely harmless and it is very easy to get rid of it. The following additional steps need to be taken to continue the installation of the Betway Kenya app:
  6. Go to the device settings
  7. Open the security menu
  8. Find and check the “unknown sources” checkbox

After this last step is performed, most likely the user will be asked whether only this installation is allowed or any future one. That’s up to the device owner to decide, because in any case the Betway apk should have completed its installation process at this stage and be completely operational.

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And the Betway app for iOS?

Here no step by step guide is needed, as it would contain only a single step which would be to visit the AppStore and download it from there. In this regard, Apple users have an advantage, as their official store has no problem in allowing iPhone and iPad users to Betway app download directly from this source. Considering this fact, there is still a possibility that Google Play could reverse their decision and give the same good treatment to Android users.

It should be said that both iOS and Android applications are essentially the same. Both allow their respective users to enjoy all the Betway services and features. It is possible to place bets, review the statistics that this bookmaker is famous for, watch live streamings, play in the casino, and everything else that can be done from the desktop website.

Some people have questioned whether there are different odds for people who wager from a mobile device and those who bet from the desktop website. The answer to that is, once again, all the Betway ecosystem is exactly the same for apps and website. They share the same sports, same odds, same betting options, same games and same features.

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System requirements for executing the Betway APK in Android and its counterpart in iOS

Starting with the Apple system, it has been reported that the Betway Kenya app will only work in iOS 7.0 of the operating systems. Some users have tried to make it work in iOS 6 and older iterations, but with mostly negative results. This means that it is not really recommended to install it if an older version of the operating system is owned.

In practical terms, this means that all iPad variants should be able to properly run the Betway mobile app. Regarding the iPhone, it will work perfectly in its version 5 and all the newer ones. Once again, it has been attempted to make the Betway app in the iPhone 4S and older models, but with mostly unsatisfactory results.

Crossing now to the Android side of the world, most devices currently available are capable of installing the Betway apk and then running it, as the system requirements are not demanding by any means.

Many people ask in internet “will the Betway app will work in X device?” and the answer to that should be that the brand or model of the device doesn’t really matter, as long as it complies with the recommended system requirements.

Going into specifics, the program will work completely in Android 4.1 and more recent iterations. Some users have managed to make the Betway app work in Android 4.0. However, in those cases the live streamings were not able to work, so those users only get a partial experience to call it in some way. Also, it should be considered that a screen of 320×480 pixels or more is a must have.

In general, it can be said after reviewing those system requirements, that this concept of universality is once again confirmed, as the application has been made light and efficient enough in order to allow most devices currently in the market to currently execute it. However, running it is not enough, as any app of this kind should provide a pleasant and fluid experience. This is another checkbox that the Betway mobile app can tick.

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The Betway mobile app in other ecosystems and closing remarks

Windows Phone ranks third in the most used mobile operating system rank, behind Android and iOS. However, in absolute terms its number of active users doesn’t really encourage Betway to create a version of their software for this platform. However, those users can always enjoy the bookmaker by using the mobile version of the sportsbook’s website, which brings the same features and the same overall experience than the Betway mobile app.

In conclusion, the app developed by Betway is one of the best when comparing the official software of different online bookmakers. Having the idea of universal compatibility in mind, the sportsbook has managed to bring an enjoyable experience to the palm of the hand of millions of users around the world who decided to join.Don’t Miss Your Bonus

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