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Betway Kenya – a story of success

Betway, as most the large betting sites are currently doing, is attempting to reach as many countries as possible with their services and features. However, they donโ€™t do that by simply creating a single portal to fit all territories.

On the contrary, Betway is opening local branches of their main website everytime they land on a new country, with Betway Kenya being the main topic of this review. Of course, all branches can access the same large offering of games, forms of entertainment and wagers. However, every country has slight differences in what concerns the games and markets that gets the most emphasis.

For example, in Kenya people are equally passionate for sports that have a worldwide audience and for their local tournaments. For that reason, any visitor of Betway Ke will be met at first with these sports. But of course, it is always possible to find, bet and play on every other sports event or casino game that the sportsbook has to offer.

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Sportsbook review Betway Kenya sports

Betway offers one of the largest portfolios of events and disciplines available in all the internet. The full list of sports can be reviewed at any time from the website or the mobile apps. However among the more than 30 disciplines available at the time when this sportsbook review Betway was being written, it is possible to find football, basketball, esports, tennis, ice hockey, badminton, motor sports and much more.

All these sports offer dozens or hundreds of events to wager at any given time. They can range from friendly matches and minor leagues, to national and worldwide encompassing championships. This is a great feature considering that in most of the countries around the world, fans feel a lot of passion for both their own local competitions and the largest tournaments where athletes and teams representing all corners of the world compete between themselves. According to Betway ke itself, there is more than a thousand events available for betting at any given time.

After an user becomes interested in placing a wager in a particular match or contest, the betting options will be displayed very clearly. The customer will also encounter the Betway games today screen that will be explained in detail later. All events offer the option to place pre match gambles, where an user simply attempts to guess who will be the winner during an event. At the same time, most of them allow to make live bets, where users attempt to guess who will score the next goal or point, and other sorts of secondary occurrences that take place during a match.

These live features are properly supported by a few live streamings available for selected events, and when they are not available, the bookmaker has a team whose exclusive job is to elaborate and constantly update very detailed statistics. They allow the users to place informed live bets even when a streaming is not available for a certain event. Given the rising popularity of the live features, Betway decided to group all of them under a subsection called Betway games today, which allows more easy and direct access.

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Creating an account for betting on Betway sports

The process of setting up an account in Betway has been greatly streamlined during recent months. It is possible to do this for free from the official mobile apps for iOS and Android or directly from the desktop website. This can be done by executing the following steps:

  1. Visit the mobile applications or the website of Betway Kenya
  2. Find the โ€œsign upโ€ button located at the top of the screen and click it
  3. The bookmaker will ask for some personal details, financial information, contact information and user preferences. Ensure to provide everything that is being asked
  4. If it is desired to obtain the Betway bonus worth up to US$30, ensure to tick the respective checkbox. This step is not mandatory but highly recommended
  5. Activate the account by clicking the verification link sent via email

If those 5 steps have been executed as described, the account should be fully ready for being used immediately. From that moment, it will be possible to visit the casino, Betway sports, and use all the services that they offer.

However, an additional step is required prior to being enabled to withdraw cash. For doing this, users must submit a proof of identity. This is done by providing an image of an official document where the identity of the customer is clearly visible.

Betway Kenya accepts as valid proofs of identity documents such as an ID card, passport, bank statement, utility bill or driverโ€™s license. After these documents are uploaded through the โ€œMy Betway accountโ€ menu, it is necessary to wait for a few hours for the proper validation to be made, and the acceptance of those documents to be confirmed.

Speaking about withdrawals, currently Betway Kenya offers a lot of options to make deposits as well as withdrawals. Just a few months ago the company started to take certain cryptocurrencies as a valid payment method. Currently Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin are accepted.

Certain digital wallet providers and payment portals have been fully compatible with Betway since many years. They include services such as Neteller, EcoPayz, PayPal and many others. As always, clients can also make use of wire transfers, credit cards and debit cards.

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The Kenya Betway casino and poker

Before closing this sportsbook review Betway, it is important to dedicate a few lines to the casino and poker of the bookmaker. They are among the most active virtual casinos all over the internet.

These great numbers have been achieved thanks to the large number of forms of forms of entertainment, and the rewards worth thousands of dollars that some extremely lucky players have managed to pocket.

In conclusion, the wide variety of games and sport markets covered by Betway sports and casino is probably the most important factor behind their success. Thanks to this, fans of almost every sport that can be imagined could find a possibility of their preference that could allow them to win.Don’t Miss Your Bonus

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