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How many people are currently making a Betway registration Kenya?

There are no official statistics that can give an exact number of how many people are enabled to Betway log in in Kenya and the rest of the world. However, there are some indirect clues that indicate that the bookmaker is enjoying a good acceptance in this country and all the others where it is currently allowed to operate.

This can be concluded due to the fast pace at which the company has decided to open new local branches, and also, due to the recent increase in the number of events and sports covered by the sportsbook. Also the Betway casino has recently been reinforced with new forms of entertainment, and their official Betway mobile application for iOS and Android got a complete overhaul a few months ago. The company would not be incurring in such costs if they were not enjoying some healthy profits.

However, this article is not about checking the inner workings of the company. Instead, it will treat the Betway registration process and what are the advantages of having an account in this bookmaker.

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Which services are exclusive for the people who Betway login

Betway is one of the few bookmakers that allow to try a limited amount of games before actually making a Betway registration Kenya. What is offered in this case are some casino games that work completely with virtual money, there is no actual money involved in these cases. The sole purpose of this instance is to allow prospective customers to get a small glimpse of what they may enjoy if they decide to become enabled to Betway login Kenya by creating an account.

Speaking about the full casino, it currently offers hundreds of different forms of entertainment. The most numerous ones are the slot games, which currently exist in the Betway casino in hundreds of variants, literally speaking.

However, in terms of popularity most people who login Betway spend time playing the dozens of types of baccarat, and of course, the amazing and rewarding blackjack. The roulette is another form of entertainment that has experienced an important growth in active players during recent months.

Without a doubt the most exciting aspect of the casino is the Betway jackpot. All players who Betway login are eligible to play for obtaining it. Many customers from different countries have enjoyed the extreme luck of winning it and the thousands of dollars that they provide on some occasions.

Of course, nobody should be surprised when saying that the sports betting section of Betway is the main course. It has by far the largest amount of active members who Betway login and use the services at any given time. This has been achieved by providing one of the largest selections of disciplines and matches where it is possible to place pre match and live wagers. All of this is supplemented by the good odds that the players can take advantage of.

Thousands of matches in more than 30 disciplines are available for gambling at any given time, with the most popular being football, basketball, esports, hockey and others. All of them provide hundreds of matches, which can range from friendly contests to events taking place in worldwide championships. This means that almost any sporting event that can be imagined will be available in the sports betting area of Betway.

The live features of Betway Sports are the most utilized by the customers who Betway Kenya login. The large audience that utilize these live services is explained because of the almost limitless variety of events where it is possible to place wagers, but by the live streamings and extremely detailed statistics that are provided with a large amount of events. This last feature is not only appreciated by bettors, it is also very enjoyable for people who love to study sport matches with a great level of detail and scrutiny.

It should be mentioned that esports are having a meteoric rise in all bookmakers, including of course Betway. In fact, this sportsbook was the first among the large companies to open a subsection inside Betway Sports exclusively dedicated to this discipline, which everyday gains thousands of followers. Here fans of this new form of entertainment who Betway Kenya login can place bets in matches being disputed on their favorite games. Some of the titles currently supported include World of Warcraft, HearthStone, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, World of Tanks and many others.

After this subsection was created back in 2015, Betway gained a large number of new members, mostly younger ones, who love this form of entertainment and decided to join by making their Betway registration. And at this moment, 5 years later, this bookmaker continues to be the leader when measuring and comparing amount of esports fans.

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Guide for making a Betway registration

Now a step by step guide explaining how to set up an account in Betway (which can be done for absolutely free) will be provided. It comprises a few steps that in general resemble the ones of any other bookmaker. The actions that need to be taken for being enabled to Betway log in are as follows:

  1. Open the Betway website or its mobile applications
  2. Click over the โ€œsign upโ€ banner
  3. Agree with the terms and conditions of use
  4. Provide all the requested information. A valid email address must be provided, as well as some personal details
  5. Configure the user preferences being displayed. They can be changed later in the โ€œmy Betway accountโ€ section
  6. If the new member would like to obtain the sign up bonus, which provides up to US$100 for using in the sports betting section, tick over the corresponding checkbox
  7. Activate the account

At this moment the person who performed those steps is officially allowed to Betway log in and to start taking advantage of all the services and features available. However, an additional step is required in order to be enabled to withdraw earnings.

What must be done in this case is to verify the identity of the user by uploading a clear image of a legal document that can prove the customerโ€™s identity. Some documents that are accepted for this purpose include bank statements, utility bills (except mobile phone bills), passports, ID cards and driverโ€™s licenses. After said image is uploaded through the โ€œmy Betway accountโ€ section, the user must wait a few hours before the validation has been confirmed.

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Payment methods when making a Betway Kenya login account

Betway is one of the first bookmakers that started accepting cryptocurrencies. At first only Bitcoin was allowed, but a few months later, support for Litecoin and Ethereum was added. It is likely that even more types of such currencies will be accepted as time goes by.

As always, it is possible to use other methods such as Skrill, PayPal, Neteller and all these sort of services usually associated with bookmakers. The same can be said about credit cards, debit cards and wire transfers.

In conclusion, the sportsbook has managed to encourage thousands of persons to make their Betway registration process. This has been helped by the simplicity that the prospective user will encounter when registering, and of course the potentially rewarding experience that is possible thanks to the hundreds of games and betting options.Don’t Miss Your Bonus

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